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This site is intended for use by any and all writers. If you are new to writing, I hope to provide you with some useful information to aid you in your journey as a writer. If you are a seasoned writer, I hope to provide you with information to further your career. I sincerely hope you enjoy the site.

This site will be updated periodically, and I will be adding more links, tips and features. Also, I will be starting an ezine, and information on subscription will be added here soon. Please bookmark this page, and check back often.

Until later, Happy Writing!

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Melody Summers, a very good friend, and fellow writer, has an excerpt of her upcoming novel online. If you enjoy historical and/or historical romance novels, this is for you.
Her novel is set during the time of Sir William Wallace, 13th Century.
Ceannard Mor Excerpt

If you have been writing for years, or just for a short time, you will find links here that will be valuable in your quest for better writing. Links will be added periodically as time allows.

In addition to writing links, there will also be links for different topics, such as historical research sites.

If you would like a link to your site placed on this site, please send an email to the webmaster, and arrangements will be made to link to your website.
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