This excerpt is from Blackstone © 2001 by: Candy D. Lucas

The mist hung thick in the early morning air. The scent of rain, heavy and sweet, stirred on the slight breeze that ruffled a few leaves left on mostly barren trees. Pulling my shawl tighter, I felt the moist warmth rolling gently down my cheeks, falling into silver splotches onto the bodice of by black gown.

The wind picked up, blowing my hair into my face, and her voice spoke.

"I will always be with ye..."

Gone, my mother was gone! Still, I could hear her words on the wind. Walking toward the keep, Colin placed his arm about my shoulders.


I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand, straightened my back, and walked proudly back to the keep. My wedding would take place within two months. I'm not prepared for marriage, so I wait for her voice to come again on the wind. This time, there was nothing.

This excerpt is from the unpublished novel, BLACKSTONE, and is under copyright by: Candy D. Lucas, all rights reserved. This excerpt may not be copied, reproduced, or posted on any other website without express written permission by the author.